$2,790 LIFEPAK CR2 Defib Package

The Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Semi or Fully Automatic Defibrillator, (non-connected♥  USB connection), represents a significant step forward in the way that Defibrillators are used.

All-inclusive Defibrillator package – built for people, not for profit.  Making Defibrillators affordable, clearly visible and easily accessible. Don’t hide your AED!

Receive the following great value package $2,790 for Individuals, Businesses, Clubs and Schools:

  • 1 LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic Defibrillator with CPR Coaching, USB Connected♥  includes carry case, IP 55 Dust and Water ratings and 8 year warranty (RRP $2,495)
  • 1 LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator Adult | Paediatric mode Electrodes & Battery with 4 year shelf life
  • 1 Steel Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Strobe Light and ARC Approved Signage (RRP $350)
  • 1 Premium Prep Kit;  Shears, CPR Pocket Mask, Surgical Razor, Gloves (RRP $45)
  • 1 AED Angle Bracket Wall Sign, Australian Resuscitation Council Recommended (RRP $45)
  • 1 A3 CPR & AED Wall Chart in gloss card (RRP $20)
  • AED ‘On Site’ small Vinyl Sticker ($15)
  • FREE Courier shipping Australia wide with insurance & tracking + RescueReady setup phone session
  • Online Video LIFEPAK CR2 Demonstration Guide + AED knowledge quiz
  • No maintenance inspections, AED maintains its own readiness through self-monitoring
  • Adopt-A-Defib’s HeartSafe award for your Business, Club or School
  • C.A.R.D.I.O. Medical Emergency Control Plan for a Heart Safe workplace™
  • Courtesy PAD-Pak™ expiry date renewal reminder. Broadcast Defib health check reminders
  • LIFEPAK CR2 registration with ownership details, AED serial number and electrodes expiry dates
  • Out of business hours technical support

As this is a not-for-profit initiative we are able to offer the whole package for $2,790 (over 6% saving on the RRP of $2,970 when items are purchased individually). Our packages allow the AED to be clearly visible and easily accessible.

The LIFEPAK CR2 is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The Fully Automatic device evaluates the heart rhythm once electrode pads have been applied and, if a shockable rhythm is detected, delivers a shock without any assistance and with powerful escalating energy, with no judgment call required on the part of the user.

Proven superior by competitive testing, the CR2 will keep the rescuer focused on what really matters—saving a life.

Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillators and HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillators, fall under the umbrella of Stryker. Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and is driven to make healthcare better.

One of the most advanced Defibrillators on the market, allowing one set of pads to be applied to an adult or child.

Easy to use and the only Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that allows CPR compressions during heart rhythm analysis.

More Info

LIFEPAK CR2 Semi or Fully Automatic Defibrillator LIFELINKcentral™ Software and WiFi

LIFEPAK CR2 AED Semi-Automatic Defibrillator WiFi

LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator ESSENTIAL Non Connected USB Connected or WiFi Connectivity

♥ At the time of ordering the Adopt-A-Defib LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Semi or Fully Automatic Defibrillator package USB Connected, can be upgraded for an extra charge of $500 and supplemented with the LIFEPAK CR2 Semi or Fully Automatic Defibrillator LIFELINKcentral™ Software and WiFi – Connected (package total cost $3,290).

Software Physio-Control LIFELINKcentral

LIFELINKcentral™ Software and WiFi

This LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator incorporates  LIFELINKcentral™ AED Program Manager. This unique program manager self-monitors the Defibrillator via WiFi. Provides location and Defibrillator status information that alert the user to anything that may affect the readiness of the Defibrillator – allowing you to self-manage your AED.

AEDs are effective only if they are close at hand and ready to work. Whether you have one AED, or 100 spread across the globe, now you can know the readiness status and location of each one. Ongoing system maintenance has been time-consuming and error-prone—until now.

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