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About Adopt-A-Defib

A not-for-profit initiative making Defibrillators affordable, clearly visible and easily accessible for businesses clubs and schools - don’t hide your AED!

Affordable Defibrillator Packages

Built for people, not for profit

Choose from:

$2,190  Fully Automatic Defib Package with HeartSine Samaritan® 360P

$2,190  Semi Automatic Defib Package with HeartSine Samaritan® 350P

$2,690  CPR Advisor Defib Package with HeartSine Samaritan® 500P

$2,790  LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Semi or Fully Automatic Defib Package

If you are looking for Automated External Defibrillators that are simple to operate, and effective in saving lives, you have just found it!

All inclusive AED Packages.

The Reason Why

Cardiac Arrest is one of Australia’s biggest killers

Every day Sudden Cardiac Arrest steals many lives of those around us. It can happen to any individual, whether you are young, old, active, or not; without a Defibrillator and effective CPR there is less than a 5% chance of survival.

Adopt-A-Defib was founded in 2013 in memory of loved ones lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and survivors. The initiative that saves more than money.

We are committed to making public access Defibrillators affordable, clearly visible and easily accessible making it the norm – rather than the exception – to survive Cardiac Arrest in Australia.

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Our Philosophy

The difference between life and death

A Defibrillator embedded in a cabinet on the wall of your workplace, club, school or apartment complex can mean the difference between life and death if someone collapses unexpectedly especially in the middle of a crowd.

An Automated External Defibrillator must be close at hand, ideally within three minutes, reliable and effective even when used by someone with little or no training. The only thing that restarts the heart is a shock from a Defib.

No matter the cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, one thing always remains the same – what happens in the first five minutes holds the key to survival.

Cardiac Arrest is everybody’s business. Is your Business, Club or School HeartSafe?

Some Important Factors About Cardiac Arrest Survival

It’s shockingly easy to restart a heart

% Australian survival rate
% of casualties die before reaching hospital
% survival rate target
(Seattle USA)
Australians could survive each year with a Seattle system


The only thing harder than planning for an emergency is explaining why you didn’t


Is your business, club or school HeartSafe? 

One or more clearly visible, easily accessible Defibrillators installed on the premises and personnel educated on the location of these to become HeartSafe with Adopt-A-Defib

Visible Easily Accessible

Don’t hide your AED!

The one hand rule. Grabbing the Defibrillator should only require one hand. An AED embedded in a cabinet on the wall with AED signage can mean the difference between life and death

Affordable Defibs

A not-for-profit initiative – all inclusive price

Packages include leading brand Device, Steel Wall Cabinet, Carry Case, Paediatric or Spare Adult Pads, Premium Prep Kit, Wall Poster, Additional AED Wall Signage + more with free shipping


Make a difference become an Ambassador 

Recommend Adopt-A-Defib. If your recommendation leads to a successful investment; we offer a pay-it-forward monetary incentive in recognition and thanks for being part of our lifesaving initiative


Make the complex simple 

Adopt-A-Defib packages include a short online ‘CPR & How to Use AED Video Training Guide’ Complement your investment add-on engaging onsite training with our Defibrillator Training–Made Simple  “We come to you”

Customer Support

8 year AED warranty, lowest cost ownership 

Adopt-A-Defib HeartSine Samaritan® packages include FREE battery/pad replacement after genuine cardiac event. Our Forward Hearts® program donates a FREE Defibrillator to an organisation of the survivors choice


Choose your AED package. As a not-for-profit we’ve done the research seeking out the best Defibs and putting great value packages together designed for the workplace, clubs and schools

Our Work

You can't choose when Sudden Cardiac Arrest will strike. But you can be prepared

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Founded In Memory Of Loved Ones Lost To Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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HeartSine Forward Hearts® Program: Our Pay-It-Forward Free Donation

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Our AED packages can reach you anywhere in Australia with FREE courier shipping, insurance and tracking.

We are based in: Sydney, Australia

Registered Office (By Appointment):

(Suite on request) Tower B, Landmark Centre,

1 – 17 Elsie Street, Burwood NSW 2134

ABN: 94 735 806 143


I love explaining Defibs in a way people can understand. Founder & Director: [email protected]


We look forward to connecting in a heartbeat: 02 8959 2298


Cardiac Arrest is everybody’s business! Imagine how good it would feel to be HeartSafe and RescueReady – together we can make this happen. We provide great value packages with quality leading brand Defibrillators coupled with a personalised service.

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