All great projects are a direct result of collaboration and co-operation. We work with people who add value and insight to the process. If you feel you would like to be an advocate for raising Defib awareness with Adopt-A-Defib in any capacity so we can achieve a common goal of saving lives from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Australia we welcome your enquiry.

If you recommend our lifesaving initiative and it leads to a successful placement of an Adopt-A-Defib package; we offer a pay-it-forward monetary incentive in recognition and thanks for being part of this placement. Apologies but incentive is not offered in conjunction with the NSW Office of Sport Defib Grant Program.

The Adopt-A-Defib not-for-profit initiative supporting businesses, clubs and schools by making public access Defibrillators affordable and visibleSaving Lives. An Australia wide provider of HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillator great value packages. Please get in touch.

Every day, cardiac arrest steals many lives of those around us. It can happen to any individual, whether you are young, old, active, or not. CPR and using a Defib is easy to learn!

In the western world, more people die unexpectedly of sudden cardiac arrest than anything else. And the majority of incidents occur at home. Unless a bystander, friend or family member responds quickly by calling emergency services, starting CPR and attaching a Defibrillator where available, a Cardiac Arrest sufferer will simply not survive.

Basic Life Support is not a magician’s trick. The clue is in the name: it’s as basic as it gets! You don’t need years of training and experience to save a life and the life you can save with CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) will most likely be a loved one.

You are 560 times more likely to deal with a Cardiac Arrest than a fire incident. It’s one of Australia’s biggest killers and effects people of all ages. PLAN. LEARN. SAVE.

Here are a few DIY suggestions to encourage your business, club or school to afford the cost of owning an Adopt-A-Defib:

  • Bake sales
  • Pyjama Day
  • Community walk, ride or run
  • Morning tea fund raiser at work, school or college
  • Raffles
  • Car wash–get your friends together and have a fun day washing cars fundraising
  • Casual day–ask people at your work or school to pay to dress casual for a day
  • Dollar for dollar–ask your boss to match what you raise
  • Guessing Game– guess the weight of something, how many lollies in a jar, the height of someone – be creative
  • Melbourne Cup day–hold a lunch, charge per head and give prizes for best hat or best dressed
  • Office collection–stick a pot on your desk with notices telling people what you’re raising money for and remind your colleagues that it’s for a good cause
  • Spelling bee–grab a dictionary and hold challenges in your office, club or school
  • Treasure hunt–place prizes around your home or park and charge an admission to play
  • Let’s not forget the sausage sizzle

Remember that everybody’s effort adds up, when we all participate as one, a collective shift takes place. Getting involved in any type of advocacy towards Defibrillators and raising further awareness, regardless of how big or small will bring us one step closer to saving many lives of all ages.

One Defib affects a person, one person affects a family, one family affects a community, one community affects a country, one country affects the world “you can make a difference”

Make it the norm – rather than the exception – to survive Cardiac Arrest in Australia. You can’t change the world but you can make a difference.













All HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillators are approved by the TGA

All HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillators are approved by the TGA