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Approved NSW Government AED Provider

August 23, 2015

Together Nationally Registered Training Organisation Allens Training Pty Ltd with Adopt-A-Defib are proudly “Approved NSW Government AED Service Provider – Panel Contract OOS1718010”

The NSW Office of Sport has announced a grant program of $4 million over 4 years for sporting clubs across NSW to use towards acquiring an AED Package for their club or sports facility at a reduced cost.

Round 2: Applications reopened:  3rd December 2018  Applications close: 6th May 2019. Our Sporting Club Packages with training are available throughout the year to purchase outside of the grant program.

Eligible clubs such as incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots sports clubs in NSW can select Allens Training with Adopt-A-Defib from the panel of Approved Providers to purchase an AED Packaged Service.

Grants are available up to 50 per cent of the AED package in Zones 1 and 2 and up to 75 per cent in Zone 3 capped at the levels stated (more about zone funding). Applicants will need to contribute to the purchase price and accept any further operating expenses outside of the Packaged Service from their own budget.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Incorporated, not-for-profit sports clubs in NSW
  • State or national sporting organisations on behalf of member clubs located in NSW, to a maximum of 10 per Zone
  • Licensed sporting clubs, providing that the project directly benefits sporting activities
  • Sport clubs associated with a school, church or university providing they are an incorporated not for profit club in their own right
  • Councils on behalf of sports clubs
  • Councils in Zones 2 and 3, for sport and recreational facilities within their local government areas
  • Service clubs such as Rotary, CWA and Lions, on behalf of sporting clubs

You can make a difference with the initiative that saves more than money


We understand that investing in a Defibrillator is an important decision for your sports club. You don’t have to do it alone; together Allens Training with Adopt-A-Defib offer a personalised experience assisting with the grant process, building an ongoing relationship and making your club HeartSafe. Dedicated Key Account Managers to oversee all aspects of the service delivery when you select our AED Packaged Services.

Every day Cardiac Arrest steals many lives of those around us. It can happen to any individual, whether you are young, old, active, or not. Without a Defibrillator and effective CPR there is less than a 5% chance of survival.

With this philosophy, Adopt-A-Defib, not-for-profit initiative was founded in 2013 in memory of loved ones lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and survivors. As an Australia wide provider of Automated External Defibrillators, we will support your sports club to invest in an affordable complete Defib package with all accessories therefore making your Defibrillator clearly visible and easily accessible for an all-inclusive price.



A Defibrillator embedded in a cabinet on the wall of your club can mean the difference between life and death if someone collapses unexpectedly especially in the middle of a crowd.

Don’t hide your AED, make your Defib visible in your club! No matter the cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, one thing always remains the same – what happens in the first five minutes holds the key to survival.



The Basic Package is the same price across all NSW zones. This is what you will receive for your Sports Club ~ a great value package:

  • A HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillator with CPR Coaching SAM 350P or SAM 360P (8 year warranty)
  • 1 Shock Proof Carry Case
  • 1 Steel Wall Cabinet with ARC Approved Signage ♥
  • 1 Adult Electrode & Battery PAD Pak™ with 4 year shelf life
  • 1 Paediatric PAD Pak™ for children under 8 years or can be traded for a spare Adult PAD-Pak™
  • 1 AED Premium Prep Kit; Shears, CPR Mask, Surgical Razor, Gloves
  • 1 AED Angle Bracket Wall Sign, Australian Resuscitation Council Approved
  • 1 A3 HeartSine CPR & AED Wall Chart in Gloss Card
  • A Downloadable CPR & HeartSine AED short training video
  • FREE access to Saver™ EVO Windows-based Data Software. AED is field upgradeable to latest guidelines
  • FREE Electrode & Battery PAD-Pak™ replacement after genuine cardiac event
  • Access to Forward Hearts® where a survivor may donate a FREE Defibrillator to the organisation of their choice (value “priceless”)
  • Courier Shipping with Insurance & Tracking
  • Adopt-A-Defib’s HeartSafe Award for your Club
  • C.A.R.D.I.O. Medical Emergency Control Plan for a Heart Safe workplace™
  • AED Familiarisation and induction training or select our nationally recognised course HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, as part of package price for up to 25 participants
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager / Customer Support Personnel
  • Out of business hours technical support
  • Courtesy PAD-Pak™ expiry date renewal reminder, broadcast Defib health check reminders and electronic refresher reminders to all participants of accredited training
  • HeartSine Registration with ownership details, AED serial number and PAD-Pak™ expiry dates
  • Medical Emergency Plan (a support pack for your club with an online completion template) plus coloured card A4 CPR wall charts

♥ Upgrade the package Steel Wall Cabinet at the time of ordering for $150 to a Steel Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Strobe Light and ARC Approved Signage. This alarmed cabinet deters would be thieves as well as announcing an emergency as soon as the door is opened.


♥ Upgrade the package Steel Wall Cabinet at the time of ordering for $150 to an AED Waterproof Tough Case; This customisable hard waterproof case is essential for all marine and outdoor applications or safe storage of your Defibrillator in the club. Makes your valuable HeartSine Samaritan® AED unit virtually indestructible!  Perfect for sporting clubs away from home games.



Make your Defib clearly visible and easily accessible with our all inclusive packages





The CPR Advisor Defib Package is the same price across all NSW zones with inclusions as listed in the Basic Package but receive the HeartSine Samaritan® 500P Defibrillator with CPR Advisor with 8 year warranty.

Built-in confidence. The only AED that monitors compressions BY CARDIAC OUTPUT (Blood flow). The device incorporates a CPR Advisor which significantly increases CPR effectiveness giving the appropriate feedback to the rescuer advising them on good compressions or to push harder offering many a better chance of survival in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

SAM 500P


Allens Training Pty Ltd is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90909) delivering a wide range of First Aid, Health and Safety qualifications. One of Australia’s largest training providers delivering nationally recognised courses to more than 120,000 students each year.


Allens Training Pty Ltd national support centre is located in Goulburn NSW with offices on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We additionally have Partners and Trainers throughout Australia who can deliver our nationally recognised courses and qualifications.

Our team will be handling all aspects of the training delivery, phone 1300 559 064 and speak with a dedicated Key Account Manager. We specialise in group bookings offering – quality training, flexibility and competitive industry rates.




We coordinate either your familiarisation session or nationally recognised (accredited) course so it is delivered within seven days of receiving your AED Package. The Basic Package familiarisation session covers the following for up to 25 participants to attend:

-An explanation of Cardiac Arrest, CPR and how CPR and Defibrillation can save lives
-Advice on staying calm and dialing Triple 000
-How to assess the area for safety and assessing the casualty
-How the Automated External Defibrillator works
-Demonstration of how to use the Defibrillator effectively and safely
-How to perform CPR in conjunction with the Defibrillator
-Defibrillator general care and maintenance

OR select the Basic Package inclusion of a nationally recognised course for up to 25 participants to attend:



Building on a familiarisation session; the HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation unit of competency covers AED and CPR skills required to perform Basic Life Support in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Developed for existing workers in the industry who may require accredited CPR training as recommended by the ARC. On successful completion participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.






Build your own Sporting Club Package by choosing our other nationally recognised training options offering a Statement of Attainment to complement your AED Packaged Services.

Build your own set package prices are available on request and allow up to a maximum of 25 participants to attend the following courses which includes and exceeds the requirements of a familiarsation session (click on course for further information):




The HLTAID003 Provide First Aid unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a First Aid response to a casualty. The unit applies to all workers who may be required to provide a First aid response in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings. This unit of competency incorporates HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.



The HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid unit of competency deals with the skills and knowledge required to provide an Advanced First Aid response, including management of the incident and other First Aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance. The unit applies to workers who may be required to provide, coordinate and manage a First Aid response across a range of complex situations, include community and workplace settings.



The HLTWHS005 Conduct Manual Tasks Safely unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to recognise potentially hazardous manual tasks, and then to prepare for and complete those tasks in a safe manner.


Contact us so we can ensure you are selecting the appropriate package to suit your club’s needs. An official quote is supplied with package details. Shipping is free via courier delivery on receipt of payment supplied by a tax invoice listing payment details. All our packages are GST exempt.


Round 2 of the grant program you don’t have to do it alone; we are delighted to offer a personalised experience assisting with the grant process, support with completing a Medical Emergency Plan, training planning, building an ongoing relationship and making your club HeartSafe.

Our Sporting Club Packages with training are available throughout the year to purchase outside of the grant program.

Further information and guidelines about the ‘Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program’ can be found on:



Our all inclusive listed Sporting Club Packages are also available throughout 2018 to support ineligible NSW clubs as well as other sports clubs across Australia. Available to everyone making it the norm – rather than the exception – to survive Cardiac Arrest.




Weatherproof, Alarmed AED Cabinet If the alarmed steel wall cabinet is not suitable for your environment ask us for a quote for our indoor/outdoor weatherproof, alarmed cabinet with optional features.

Highly secure yet easy to use in an emergency – the perfect Public Access Defibrillator solution for public spaces such as parks, clubs and train stations, and to allow peace of mind for residents in private communal spaces such as apartments and offices.











All HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillators are approved by the TGA