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HeartSine Samaritan® Adult & Paediatric Electrode & Battery PAD-Pak™

HeartSine has taken an innovative approach to maintenance items by incorporating the AED batteries and electrodes into one single-use cartridge called the Pad-Pak™. The advantage to the Pad-Pak™ is that there is only one date to monitor and only one item to replace on expiration or after use. Each Pad-Pak™ has an industry-first four-year life from date of manufacture.

Adult Pad-Pak™ (grey) is suitable for use on adults and children. For children younger than 8 years or weighing less than 25 kg (55 lbs), a Paediatric Pad-Pak™ (pink) is available.

Current ARC guidelines state; “If the AED does not have a Paediatric mode or Paediatric Pads then it is reasonable to proceed with standard Adult AED Pads”.

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HeartSine Pad-Pak™ are installed into a HeartSine Samaritan® Defibrillator PAD 500P, 350P and 360P, and are used to revive adult and children of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The cartridge is simple to install and replace.

The Pad-Pak™ system is unique to HeartSine and saves you in many ways. Firstly it contains both battery and pads in one simple to replace cartridge. So there is only ever one expiry date and only ever one component to replace. We notify you prior to the approximate 4 year expiry.

Adult Pad-Pak™ $290 + $20 Shipping with insurance and tracking. Pad-Pak™ are GST exempt.

  • Adult battery and pads in one simple replacement cartridge
  • Easy to maintain with only one date to monitor and only one item to replace
  • Provides 60 shocks or six hours of continuous monitoring
  • For patients over 8 years or 25 kg/55 lbs

The Samaritan® PAD’s built-in intelligence and unique Paediatric Pad-Pak™ ensures the appropriate energy level is delivered for children.

The Paediatric Pad-Pak™(pink) suitable for children age 1-8 years old and weighing under 25 kg/55 lbs. Shelf life approximately 4-years.

$320 + $20 Shipping with insurance and tracking. Pad-Pak™ are GST exempt.

FREE replacement Pad-Pak™ battery and electrodes after genuine Cardiac use (conditions apply). Forward Hearts® program where the survivor may donate a FREE HeartSine Defibrillator to the organisation of their choice